Five Things We Learned From Watching ‘Disenchanted,’ Again

Consider this a royal proclamation: the princesses of BDT Stage have returned for another outing with their vaudeville ball and we couldn’t be happier. After playing to sold-out houses for eight weeks in 2017 these, royal comedians have remounted their hilarious portrayal at what life looks like for women after the happily ever after has worn off. Here are five things we took away after watching the show again.

1. The princess complex is overrated

Throughout our lives we are told, directly and indirectly, that we need to act, look and feel a certain way. “Disenchanted” has coined these pressures “the princess complex.” As the ladies share their stories and explain how a lifetime of being told to keep a slim waist, look perfect and act in public has taken an emotional toll on them, you start to realize these stereotypical standards are outdated and overrated. In America, one in 200 women suffer from anorexia, and two to three out of 100 are affected by bulimia. These disorders are planted when they are young and grow as this cultural stigma is perpetuated. The challenge with moving on from these draconian exceptions, as Snow White epitomizes in the show, is we don’t even know we are pushing them on those around us. They have been intertwined in our culture, making them an inescapable part of our daily lives.

2. It’s great to see women on stage together

Alicia K. Meyers (Director) as Belle in “Disenchanted” at BDT Stage. Photo credit: Glenn Ross Photography

Alicia K. Meyers (Director) as Belle in “Disenchanted” at BDT Stage. Photo credit: Glenn Ross Photography
Woman are funny. It’s a fact that the comedy industry is still struggling to accept. In 2018 the top ten highest-paid comedians were all men. In “Disenchanted” the absence of men does nothing to hurt the show, it strengths it. A large part of the fun on stage comes from the bond that these princesses have formed. Rarely do we get to see women helping other women through emotional struggles in front of an audience. These queens of comedy are more than actors, they are sisters, and it shows.

3. You are perfect the way you are

It seems like such a simple idea and yet it’s something we struggle with daily. In her 11 o’clock number Sleeping Beauty sings that she receives messages about what the perfect person is from “magazines and ABC” but at the end of the day is happy with the imperfections she sees in the mirror. Annie Dwyer plays Sleeping Beauty and delivers a raw and at the same time comedic performance. She connects with both women and men in the audience and reminds them that although they are exposed to a constant stream of ideologies about what a man and woman should be, at the end of the day all that matters is accepting oneself.

4. Annie Dwyer is insanely funny

Tracy Warren (Cinderella), Jessica Hindsley (Snow White) and Annie Dwyer (Sleeping Beauty) in “Disenchanted” at BDT Stage. Photo credit: Glenn Ross Photography

Speaking of Dwyer, she delivers one of the most outrageously funny, charismatic and honest performances possible. It is no secret that we hold a special place for her as she has co-hosted two of our Christmas Specials, but Dwyer has once again proved why she is the Colorado countess of comedy earning a round of applause every time she steps foot on stage. Her ability to split the audiences’ side with laughter and within minutes punch them in the emotional gut is on full display with this role.

5. Sometimes you just need to laugh

At the poisoned apple center of disenchanted’s heart, it is a show geared to make you laugh. It gives you a chance just to sit back and enjoy a good time. Although there are topical themes brought up, these ladies are working to bring joy to the audience and provide some much-needed relief from the world that exists outside of their royal realm. Laughter has a healthy effect, and these princesses are serving it up in massive doses.  

Tracy Warren, Alicia K. Meyers, Jessica Hindsley, Anna Maria High, Annie Dwyer and Marijune Scott in “Disenchanted” at BDT Stage. Photo credit: Glenn Ross Photography

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